Instructions - Entering Scorecard
Instructions - Entering Scorecard
Steps for entering scorecard ( also available on Youtube- Cricclubs Demo10-entering Scorecard)
1 Website:                                                                                                                    Dead line: Tuesday 11:00PM after week-end games
2 Login using Username and Password issued by League Statiscian  
3 Matches  
4 Schedule  
5 Select Appropriate Division All Teams  ▼Select your -Team   
6 Locate Appropriate Match Date Admin Actions ▼ Select - Full Scorecard  
7 Who Won Toss: ▼Select team  Batting First: ▼Select Team  #7 Must be Accurate  


8 Batsman ▼ How out ▼ Fielder▼ Bowler▼ Runs Balls* Fours Sixes
  Do Not Enter 
Player who Did Not Show (DNS)
  *This is mandatory. Total number of balls must be equal to number of overs(balls) team faced.  
9 Byes  Leg Byes Wides* No Balls* Penalty*    
      *Number will show after Bowling stats are entered accurately by the Opposition.  *Do not enter just to make runs (score) balanced. Enter Penalty runs only if given by the umpire.    


10 Bowler▼ Overs  Maidens  Runs Wickets Wides* No Ball*  Hattricks
    * Must be entered accurately, so that  opposition runs (score) is correct as per scoresheet  
11 Player of the Match  
  To be selected by the winning team  
12 Umpire 1    
  Umpire 2    
13 Validate  Scorecard will not validate if Errors (pop up) are not fixed Edit data if changes has to be made
14 Submit Scorecard   
  (Scorecard is now visible)  
15 Stroll down to the bottom   
16 Upload Match documents   
  Teams are required to upload
Team list
17 Locate copy of Team list  
18 Upload   
  Well Done !